Akemi "Princess Akemi"
Kanji 明美
English Akemi
Appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories
Gender Female
Deck Light Magicians

Akémi is the Ancient Egyptian counterpart of June Pearl, in the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories. She is friends with the Prince, although she is unaware of his royal status. She is also friends with Jono. Although both the Prince and Jono are unaware of her royal status.


Akémi first appears in the Dueling Grounds dueling and won against Téana. Téana tells the Prince and Akémi of a festival occurring in the Plaza, and leave to see it. They watch the mages march around a shrine, holding flags. She comments that the ceremonies are starting to seem darker, assuming that it is the work of the "detestable" high mage Heishin. She spots Jono dueling, and greets him just before the mage Seto, defeats him. Seto mocks Jono's dueling skills but Jono and Téana tell him that The Prince could easily defeat him. Seto is however summoned and cannot duel the Prince. Akémi, Teana, Jono and the Prince return to the Dueling Grounds where she loses to the Prince in a friendly duel.

When Jono leads the Prince to the Hidden Dueling grounds after his return to Ancient Egypt, Akémi challenges the Prince to a friendly duel. She is later kidnapped by Seto but is rescued by The Prince and Jono. She thanks the boys for rescuing her.


Akemi's Deck is based on June Pearl's Deck fram Duelist Kingdom. The first time the player faces her, she uses mainly Spellcaster cards. "Light Magician Rose" can be won from her at this point. The second time the player face her, the most notable changes to her Deck is the inclusion of "Magician’s Pet Dragon", which teh player can win of her.