Character Design
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ashley huging leo

Just like  mai her hair is long she know for waring red black lot her outfit is red shirt black  jacket black shorts red sandles red goves she long yellow hair blue eyes

alt Anime  timeline HistoryEdit


ashley is the younger daughter if the duel legneds aster pohenix she may be young but she a ggit to make save others and she use her powers to hlep her she use to not be so hlep full she at fist want to make others pay for calling her names and picking on her but when she meet leo she they end up haveing duel leo show ashley the light saved her leo end up in er after the duel ashley was worryed about after he healed the two become good firneds  then later become boyfirned and girl firend

shortly after loseing to leo in duel she tells him how she feels about him then leo tell her how much he likes her and shorlty after get the birthmark if the

dragon on her arm leo is shocked to see that ashley his become signer and soon after that leo arm get birthmark the heat mark  ashley is shcoked to see leo his become signer soon after 5 if 6 signers meet at goodwin place goodwin informs ashleys she was picked to be signer not only to her powers but to her gift to makes things rght

and goodwin informs leo he was picked as signer do his will to want not only keep hsi sister save but the ones he cared about save and that he wood not run way form up coming fight good informs them that they may not beat the drak signer ashley ask goodwin fi he means that they will all end up geting defeated and killedd by drak signers

goodwin say that that there to powerfull and that the signers may not win leo ask what the point in dueling the drak signers if there going to ending geting them slefs killed goodwin say it just fate in witch yusei say they find way to win the up comnig battle

Dark SignersEdit

the signers meet up with the drak signers and romon tell the drak signers to revel who they are and ashley is shcoked when she see that her good frined maira is drak signer and leo is shcoked to see that his friend

toby is dark signer toby revels that leo turned on him lift him for to locked up toby thinks if leo as tader maira say that ashley was never there for her lfit her to die when she crushed her duel runner leo ends up  dueling toby and fells to his knees pass out befor toby can defeat him kill him in the duel ashley after

watching leo duel was worred about leo she picks him up took him to er stays by his side tell he heals and ashley duels with maria and maira was picking ashley deck part and like leo ashley fell to her knees and passed out to pain leo picks ashley up tooks her to er and leo is happy to know that she not hurt any

wrose then she leo stays by her side tell she heals her borken arm later ashley defeats maria in duel the runs off to see how leo is doing however leo had be defeated and killed by toby in the duel and toby turns leo in to drak signer when ashleys find outs leo is drak signer she is shcoked to see that leo is drak signer

she ask what happen to him leo say toby killed him now he plans to defeat kill her  ashley refuse to duel leo but leo force her to duel him leo easy picks ashley deck part and ashley tell leo to fight it to lot her go but in end leo defeated and killed ashley truning her in to drak signer as will then toghter ashley leo defeat

kills luna turning her in to drak signer then ashley duels akiza defeated killed her then turns akiza in to drak signer then later she long with the other drak signers kill all the signers then they turn the dead signers in to drak signers then leo battl remon for right to to out come if city leo wins there for the city stays as it is but old part if city is re down by reomon

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drak signer leo

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drak signer ashley

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drak signer luna

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Leo and LunaEdit

She had known Leo and Luna for a long time. She and Leo started dating when they were 11. She became good friends with luna ,and she looked up to Luna as a sister and would do anything to keep the twins safe.