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Japanese (kanji) 白魔術師
Rōmaji Shiroi Magician
Japanese translated White Magician
English Light Magician
Appears in (Anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! (first series anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! (second series anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D Bonds Beyond Time

Appears in (Manga)


Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist

Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World

Yu-Gi-Oh! R

Other Names
  • French - magiciens blancs
  • German - Weißmagier
  • Portuguese - magos brancos
  • Italian - maghi bianchi
  • Korean - 화이트 마술사
  • Spanish - magos Blancos

One of the older Spellcaster Archetypes and the brighter version of the other Spellcaster Archtypes: The Dark Magicians. The "Light Magician" has been a favorite since the very start of the series, appearing as the trump card of June Pearl. During the Battle City arc and subsequent arcs, more cards were introduced, such as "Light Magician Boy" and "Magician Valkyrin".


The Light Magician cards have several features in common to the Dark Magicians:

What most Magicians have is their armor which is usually a collection of shiny, curved plates with sharp edges, all of the same color, which cover the torso and shoulder areas. On the edges of the plates are curved trimmings of contrasting shade.

Some of these Magicians also have hats which appear to be similar to the traditional wizard's hat, which is usually crooked, leaning forward at the tip and with several rings which segment it. These rings are of the same color of the curved trimmings seen elsewhere on the Magician's attire.

Some of these monsters have Spell Counters embedded in their staff, shield, sword or armor.

Some also have the Light Magician Seal depicted in the background.

Most of the White Magicians colour scheme are white/orange/yellow, mostly bright colours.

Play StyleEdit

The monsters of this archetype are fairly strong on their own, however, they rely a lot on a large amount of

Light Magician Symbol

support cards to keep them going. The latter releases revolve around spell counters. Depending on the way the deck is built, this archetype can be very slow or fast archetype, occasionally able to out-trump even the Blackwings, or the Six Samurai depending on the draw and how often Light Magician can be Special Summoned. Magical Dimension is a great card in order to rush your Light Magician out fast. Protecting a White Magician Angel as he gathers up his counters is another way to go, but this strategy relies on how many spell cards you can allow your opponent to play before they gain the upper hand.


The Light Magician archetype, or any spellcaster archetype, for that matter, can be crippled by Last Day of Witch. Other cards like Zombie World can prevent you from summoning a Dark Magician, but there are many preferable methods to get Dark Magician out rather than simple tribute; something of which Zombie World negates. Using Magical Dimension, Skilled Dark Magician, or Dark Magic Curtain is an excellent alternative to the casual and slow two-monster tribute. Try to get Secret Village of the Spellcasters to prevent the activation of Zombie World the usage of any other spell cards. Monarchs could also affect them greatly because they destroy or remove from play cards on the field once they are summoned.

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