Drawn completely with a mouse. Yes - even the background.

Jaris Varlen is quite adept at making people angry, and often wears a fake Millennium Ring and a Rune Slayer outfit. His favorite card from the legitimate game is the Gravekeeper's Commandment. His favorite non-canon card is the Doom Knight card. He is also a self-insert in a yet unposted collection of parody shorts, used for the purpose of forth wall jokes. He is probably the only non-serious OC on this site. 


Name: Jaris Varlen

Titles: "Jaris of Blackest Heart," "Jaris of the Obnoxious Parodies," "Jaris the Blatantly Self-Inserted for the Purpose of Jokes."

Age: 16

Gender: M Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 120 lbs. 

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Green

Involvement With Yu-Gi-Oh!Edit

Jaris has no canon involvement with the series whatsoever. He is, however, a duelist. A REALLY good one. 


His decks include: 

-Necrovalley-Based Deck. This is Jaris' completely legitimate deck. Made up of mostly Gravekeepers, DARK monsters, and cards that restrict an opponent's control over Graveyard-based effects, while allowing the duelist who controls this deck almost full control over the Graveyard. The most potent ability of this deck allows the controlling Duelist to prevent the opponent from being able to Summon any other way apart from Normal Summoning or Setting. 

-"Death By Discard." This is a deck built from almost completely non-canon DARK-type Monster cards, and focuses on forcing your opponent to slowly discard their entire deck, alongside cards that damage an opponent each time a card is sent to their Graveyard. Another ideal of the deck is placing as many cards in the collective Graveyard as possible, as the Monsters of this deck gain ATK from cards in the Graveyard. The downside is that the duelist themself must sacrifice many Life Points to use this deck effectively. This deck also moderately relies on Banished cards. 


Jaris's self-proclaimed theme music is Boisterous Braggarts from the Terrain of Magical Expertise soundtrack.

Jaris's most commonly uttered phrase is "No, you can't be a mod."