Priest Shiroi
Priest Shiroi
English Shiroi
Japanese Shiroi
Kanji 白い
Alternate Names Light Magician
Anime Debut Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode: The Queen's Promise Part 1
Gender Female
  • Anicent Egypt
  • The Guardians of Light
Occupation Guardian of Queen Akemi
Voice Actors
  • Karen Neill - English
  • Sakura Nogawa - Japanese

Shiroi is one of the priests who serves Queen Akemi. Shiroi raise Akemi after her mother died after giving birth to Akemi. She is also the mother of two sons: Valkyrin and Valrin. In order to defeat Thief King Bakura and protect her queen and sons, she sacrificed her life and fused her Life Spirit and Ka together to create the "Light Magician". Before and after her death, Shiroi always kept loyalty to her Queen, along with her sons. She continued to serve the Queen in the form of the Light Magician.


Shiroi is every other mother figure, loyal, caring. She is very loyal to Akemi and is also her sons' teacher in the magicial arts. She acts as mother figure to both to her sons and Queen Akemi and cares deeply for them both.

Monster Spirits


Shiroi as the Light Magician


Like Mahado, Shiroi is capable of using Heka and has performed the following spells.

Afterworld Warp: By creating two portals, she is able to redirect attacks. This mimics the effect of the card "Magic Cylinder".

Magic Blast: A powerful blast of magical energy.

Thousand (Black) Magic Blasts: A wave of magical explosions. Possibly representing Diffusion Wave-Motion

Light Magic Slash: The "Light Magician's" special attack.