Queen Akemi
Queen Akemi
English Akemi
Japanese Akemi
Kanji 明美
Other Names
  • Maemi - Japanese
  • Noemi - Spinish
Anime Debut Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode: Questions to More Questions Part 1
Gender Female
  • Pharaoh Takeo - Father
  • Mother - In flashbacks
  • Priest Shiroi - Guardian
  • Yami June - her soul
  • Priest Arron - uncle
  • Priest Jono - cousin
Previous affiliation Anicent Egypt
Previous occupation Ruler of Anicent Egypt
Voice Actor (Engish)

Carly McKillip

Seiyuu (Japanese) Tagami Kaori

Akemi was an ancient Egyptian Queen who saved her kingdom by casing a spell from the Shadow Games but as a rusult, she was sealed her soul within the Millennium Earrings. Her soul took the entity of Yami June, which resided in the body of June Pearl, after June solved the Millennium Earrings' mystery.

Anime Biography

(3000 BC in English dub)

As the daughter of King Takeo, Akemi became heir to the throne and the Millennium Earrings that her mother used to wear until she died, two years after giving birth to Akemi. During her childhood, she was raised by Priest Shiroi and growing up, she befriends Valrin and was protected by Shiroi's oldest son, Valkyrin. Akemi was attacked by a snake, but Valkyrin took the hit. Akemi then saved him by sucking the venom out. Because of that, Valkyrin fall in love with her.

One day, her father, Takeo took her on a trip to the tomb of his queen and her mother. Her father pray to his queen to watch over Akemi when she becomes Queen herself.

One day, Priest Jono was appointed as a Priest as the role of a healer. Akemi was present for the ceremony. The Pharaoh annonced that Jono would serve him as his right hand. Secretly, Takeo's brother, Arron, showed resentment towards Akemi as his son and Arron wanted him to be Pharoah, a goal he vowed to accomplish.

On the day she became Queen, her kingdom was threaten by Theief King Bakura. Bakura had raided the tomb of her father Takeo and stolen his DiaDhank
Young Akemi

Young Akemi

and his coffin. Bakura easily defeated Akemi's Guardian with his Diabound before Akemi stepped in and challenged him with Lugian the Guardian. Diabound was severely injured and after almost being destroyed, Bakura fled. Afterwards, Akemi along with Priest Shiroi and her court went to the Pharaoh Atemu’s kingdom so they could join forces with the power of the seven Millennium Items and her Mystery Item. Out though the dark tragedy, Both the Atem and Akemi got closer and started to develop feelings for each other, they could have rule Egypt together but they never had the chance to tell each other's feelings. Bacuse after defeating Zorc by using a spell with the Pharoah which included the Phaorah's name and sealed Zorc in the Millennium Ring. Then sealed her soul within the Millennium Earrings, erasing her own memories to keep the spell from ever being used to resurrect Zorc. The earrings was then destroyed. However, Zorc created Yami Bakura out of the combined spirit of himself and Thief King Bakura to find the 7 Millennium Items.
Flashback of Queen Akemi

Queen Akemi in the flashbacks during Battle City.

The Tomb of the Queen Akemi was built for her body and the Millennium Earrings was scattered with in it. A number of traps and monsters were placed within to protect her. Priest Jono built the Tablet of Kingdom of Light, a famous stone tablet depicting them battling side by side with their favorite monsters, Red Eyes Black Dragon and Light Magician, as a symbol of their Friendship.

Yami June "Silver"

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3,000 years later (5,000 in the English anime), the Millennium Earrings was found by Mark Pearl. According to

Yami June in the Duelist Kingdom series

Mark, his companion tried to kill him to take the Queen's treasure for himself, but Mark was saved by what appeared to be the spirit of Akemi.

Mark's grandaughter June Pearl solved the riddle that was craved into the Millennium Earings, causing Akemi, now a disembodied, amnesiac spirit, to reside in June's body. She aided June many times over the course of her adventures, in a form known as "Silver". June attempted to return the favor by finding the secret of Akemi's past.

Queen Akemi

Akemi in the Shadow RPG

Shadow RPG

After Yami June completed all her tasks, she presented her most powerful card "Lugian the Guardian" to the anicent tablet at the museum. Queen Akemi was one of Yami June's characters and had all of Yami June's memories.

The Ceremonial Battle

After the Ceremonial Battle, with Yami Yugi, Silver crosses to the afterlife and becomes Akemi once again, free to join her friends in the next world.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

In English dub, Mr. Stein mentions during his history class that Akemi was a loving queen who ruled over the Ancient Egypt in time of building of the Pyramids, 5,000 years ago, and that she help a king saved mankind at that time and they became soul mates.

Forbidden Memories biography

Getting sealed in the earrings

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Deck/Monster Spirits

In the anime, Akemi has summoned the following monster spirits.