Nim is a duelist known as the Dragon Tamer because of her use of the Dragunity cards and only losing 10% of her duels.

General InformationEdit

Name: Sakura (Nimus) Moto

Alias: Nim (Nimus is her middle name), Sakura, Dragon Master

Gender: Female

Species: human

Age: 14-15

Hair: mocha brown

Eyes: yellow

Skin: pale tan

Attire: pale yellow hoddie jacket, black and white tank top, jean shorts, black leggings, black high-top converse sneakers (normaly)

vivid crimson sleevless, open back turtleneck, torn jeans, black skirt, black high-top converse (dual uniform)

opal colored single strap tanktop, black high-neck mid-sleeved jacket, jean shorts, knee-high black converse, goggles, dark brown cloak with torn ends (at times) (ZG uniform)

Relatives: Yugi Moto (father/status unknown), Tea Moto (mother/status unknown), Yami (guardian), Great-Grandfather (deceased)

Love Intrest: Li Ray

Place of Birth: New Domino City

Date of Birth: December 13

Afflication: Team 5Ds (currently), Team Nova (currently)

Alignment: Good

Abilities: can see spirits and dual spirits, ZG expert, can memorize anything she sees or hears, strong sence of hearing, martial arts

Machines/Vehical(s): dual disk,ZG dual board

Deck: Dragons (formally), Dragunity

Dual Spirits: Dragunity Arma Leyvaten, Ven (Armed Dragon LV3)

Specialty: racing and dualing

Occupation: ZG racer, traveler, duelist

Personal InfoEdit

Favorite/Theme Song: My Last Breath and Pop Princess

Favorite Food: apples

Hobbies: reading, doing repairs, inhancing her Z-gear, studying Yusei and learing new things about Z-Gears and Dual Runners

Rivals: anyone evil

Team Mates: Li and Millie

Pets: Chan-Chan: small spiky blue chameleon-like creature with bright emerald green eyes and a long tail; usually sitting on Nim's shoulders, eyeing people or food