English Valkyrin
Japanese Valkyrin
Kanji ワルキューレ
Alternate Names Magician Valkyrin
Anime Debut Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode: The Queen's Promise Part 1
Gender Male

Anicent Egypt

Occupation Guardian of Queen Akemi
Voice Actors
  • Dan Green - English
  • Kazunari Kojima - Japanese

Valkyrin is a childhood friend of Queen Akemi and is the older son and brother of Priest Shiroi and Valrin. He is also Priest Shiroi's student in light mythlogy magic.

He may be serious and quiet most of the time but he is caring and easy-going. He shares a strong bond with his mother, younger brother and Akemi. He is voiced by Dan Green in the English Dub, while Kazumari Kojima takes the role in the Japanese version.

(The voices are chosen by me)


Valkyrin's design is based on "Magician Valkyrin". The outfit is a little different but his face figures are quite the same. He has blue eyes and long goldenrod hair, which is sporadically arranged and juts downwards in all directions.


Valkyin is a young teenage magician in training at the Dawn of the Duel arc's beginning who serves the priest Shiroi, who is also his mother. After Shiroi's death, he swears to protect his queen and brother and to become a
Akemi and Valkyrin01

Akemi with Valkyrin

great magician and eventually is able to summon his own Ka, the "Magician Valkyrin". Later (in the anime) when Yugi's gang discovers him, Yugi explains about the card game back home commenting on him reference to Magician Valkyrin. Valkyin later helps them to defeat Zorc. He is one of the people in the Millennium world who could see Yugi and his friends.

He is in love with Queen Akemi, ever since childhood after she saved him by sucking venom from a snake bite. Since then, Valkyrin tried to confess to Akemi about his feelings but always intrupted by Valrin.

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